A panoramic picture of the Theater of Rematia with its purple seats full of people of all ages watching the performance on the brightly lit stage below, surrounded by tall trees that reach up towards the blue sky.


Our Festival invites artists of all forms of arts to submit their proposals in order to participate in Our Festival 8.

Our Festival 8 will be held in early September 2022 at the Euripidean Theater of Rematia, in Athens, Greece, under the frame “Rematia Festival – Nights of Solidarity” with the support of the municipality of Chalandri.

Rematia Theater and all the events of Our Festival are accessible to disabled artists and spectators.

We provide: Artist’s Fees, Technical Equipment (Lights, Sound, Projections), Technical Support, Set Transportation, Promotion.

Before Applying, please make sure you have read Frequent Questions.

Application deadline: 28/02/2022

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the artist’s fee provided by Our Festival?

The fee for each artwork is between 100 – 1000 Euros, depending on the size of the production. After your project has been selected, you will receive a financial offer from the organising team.

2. I am based outside of Attica. What does Our Festival provide for my participation?

For the projects based outside of Attica, we provide transportation, meals and accommodation for the artists who participate in the event.

3. Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, but only one can be selected.

4. I have participated in a previous edition of Our Festival. Can I participate with the same project?

No, but we will be more than happy to receive your application for a new project.

5. I have participated in a previous edition of Our Festival. Can I participate with a new project?


6. What kind of project can I present in Our Festival?

You can propose any kind of artistic project you wish. Until today Our Festival has hosted theatre and dance performances, performance art, video art, and live music. There have also been film screenings and workshops for children and adults.

7. When will I receive a response regarding the participation of my proposed project in Our Festival?

On the 1st of May 2022.

8. My project is still under development and there isn’t any material for me to send. Can I still submit an application?

Yes, however this material would help us a lot to understand the identity and direction of your project. Even a short audiovisual extract can be crucial in the selection of a project. If your project is selected you will need to send us promotion material within a month so we can start running the promotion of the festival.

9. In what ways can I support the festival, other than presenting my project?

During the preparation of Our Festival, several managing teams are being formed (flow, communications, reception-ushering, technical support, etc.) of which you can be a part, depending on your interests, skills and availability. If your proposal is selected you will be notified regarding this topic on the first meeting of the participating artists.

10. Is it necessary to participate in one of the managing teams?

Your participation in the managing teams is not necessary, but very encouraged. The philosophy and success of Our Festival is based on the collective contribution of the participating artists.

11. How many meetings will there be regarding the planning of Our Festival, if my proposal is accepted?

There are 3-4 meetings held regarding the planning of Our Festival, in which at least one artist from each project will need to be present. In each of those meetings, we make sure to address different matters (getting to know the teams, space visit, technical requirements, scheduling, etc.) and this is why your presence is necessary.

12.What is the capacity of the Euripidean Theater of Rematia and what are the stage dimensions?

The Euripidean Theater of Rematia has a capacity of 600 people and the dimensions of the stage for theatre and dance performances are 8,40m (width) x 6,10m (depth). There is a separate stage for live music shows. Its dimensions are 6,50m (width) x 5m (depth). A third, smaller stage, can host workshops or smaller acts.

13. Can the technical equipment of Our Festival cover the needs of my piece?

The lighting and sound equipment that is provided by Our Festival can sufficiently cover the needs of every project (lights, sound, projections, etc.). However, you should keep in mind that more than one piece is presented on the same day and we rely upon your own versatility and adaptability. Moreover, since the theater is open air, we cannot have the lighting capabilities of an indoor space.

14. In the technical requirements section of the application, do I have to mention in full detail the requirements of my piece? Do I have to send a technical rider?

The more detailed the information you send us is, the easier the planning process becomes for the Our Festival team. A technical rider is not obligatory, but we encourage you to send one if possible.

15. Will I be able to rehearse in the theater space?

Every piece is given one technical rehearsal for the configuration of the lights and sound. If you need more rehearsals, you will have to discuss with the Flow Team of Our Festival.